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About Us


Dr. Tim St. Onge is your Chiropractor and  Certified Acoustic Wave Provider.  He is a graduate of Texas Tech University and Parker Chiropractic College where he earned numerous honors and was his class Salutatorian.

Dr. Tim is well versed with pain.  When he was 17 he was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle which began a cycle of back and neck pain that was mostly constant for 8 years until he met a chiropractor who finally gave him relief without taking the dangerous drugs that we was taking to mask the pain.

In 2022, Dr. Tim discovered Acoustic Wave Therapy after suffering from a knee injury that he suffered while running a trail race the year before.  He was introduced to Acoustic Wave Therapy at a conference, bought a machine and treated himself.  Since recovering from that injury he has gone on to run 3 half marathons and a 50K trail race, something he didn't think his knees would allow him to do anymore.

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Jeni St. Onge is the co-founder of The Chiropractic & Functional Health with her husband. Dr. Jeni is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Chiropractor.

Dr. Jeni teaches people how to take back their health and live their lives to the fullest.  By collecting individual “Health Intel” and creating a specific step-by-step plan based on each client’s unique needs. 

Dr. Jeni helps people lose weight, have more energy and find and fix the root causes of their health issues.


Through a very thorough evaluation, the use of “cutting-edge” diagnostic tests and real-world implementation plans, Dr. Jeni’s clients learn the strategies necessary to maximize their health and live their best lives.

Dr. Jeni has over 17 years experience in healthcare.  She has helped hundreds of people improve their health and quality of life and she looks forward to helping you.

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