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Feeling like Something is "Off" but told "Everything looks fine"

Have you ever felt like something was just not right about your health, but you had it checked out and were told it all looked great? I hear that ALL.THE.TIME! And, guess what... Most of the time there is a reason for the way you are feeling. It was just missed by a quick visit or set of labs that only look for obvious problems.

Sometimes, the real problems don't show up until you dig deep and review all the major body systems. It takes a whole-body deep-dive approach to getting you the answers you need. I also feel like you need to look at labs functionally. Are the numbers where they need to be for someone to be HEALTHY? That's a totally different question than asking if there is a disease present that we need to react to.

Don't even get me started on the stories I hear about people that have had labs done and have to call multiple times to get the results. And then it's just a quick "They were fine" - no opportunity to ask questions, no explanations. My goal when I review labs with a patient is for that patient to walk away feeling like that was the most comprehensive explanation any doctor has ever given them. They know what the issues are and they know that if there is a way to naturally resolve them that we can create a plan to do that.

I am so humbled and grateful for all the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with. I know there are more, however. From now until Oct. 18th 2023, we are running a friends and family offer in our office. That means that if you have been needing to have an analysis done, now is the time! Just schedule a discovery call for yourself (yes, you can refer yourself :) or have your friend or family member do it. When you book, there is a place to leave a note that you are part of the Friends and Family offer. The person doing the referring will receive a bottle of Mitocore (my favorite energy support multivitamin) or $50 on their care plan supplement credit and the person who is referred will receive $50 off their lab package. If you refer yourself, you can have both! Follow the link below and schedule by Oct. 18th. I would love to chat with you!

To your health,

Dr. Jeni

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