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  • Jeni St. Onge

What Foods are Worth the Investment for the "Organic" label?

We all know that eating healthy food is more expensive than living on cheap, processed junk foods. If you are even reading this, you probably understand the value of INVESTING in healthy food. Most of us think of it as an expense, but really it’s an investment in your health.

Having said that, I do think it’s wise to be good stewards of our resources and make our hard earned money go as far as possible. One thing I commonly get asked is whether it’s necessary to buy all your produce organic. If you live in a smaller town like we do, sometimes that isn’t even an option. You feel defeated and it may even make you question if it’s even worth worrying about.

Here is my advice… Do the best you can. Veggies and fruit, even if they are not all organic, are WAY better than running through the fast food drive in or whipping up mac and cheese from a box! My other advice is to put your dollars where they make the most impact.

There is an organization called the Environmental Working Group ( that puts together lists has a database of extremely valuable information. One of the things they create is a yearly list of the produce they find to be most important to purchase organically. They consider things like how much pesticide is used, how the food is grown, etc. So, this list is a great way to decide if something is worth spending a bit extra for to be grown organically. Here is the list for 2022. I hope you find it a helpful resource in your journey toward better health through good nutrition!

If you are struggling with a health problem and want some guidance on how to get to the root cause of that issue, please feel free to schedule a free Discovery call to see if we can help!

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