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Why Diabetes Isn't Always What you Think it Would Be

So, this week, I got a message from someone I have been working with and I was so happy. I asked if he would type up a quick message I could share with others that might be dealing with the same stuff he was dealing with... I posted it in the margin so that you could see it for yourself.

This person has been diabetic for many years. At first, he was controlling his numbers with diet and lifestyle. But, all of a sudden, he noticed he could not do that any longer.

His A1c crept up high enough that he was worried about neuropathy and other diabetic complications. He took Metformin and hated the way it made him feel (I hear that all the time). We was fasting and eating very low carb in addition to working out every day.

So, we ran some tests. We looked at what his body was doing. In his case, he had just moved into a new home that had new flooring, carpets, paint, etc. Those can produce toxins. Toxicity can damage the energy production cells in your body called mitochondria. Then you don't have any energy and glucose often can't make it into the cell, so you see high blood sugar.

Long story made short, more restrictive dieting and added exercise were not the answer. In fact, more exercise at some point adds more oxidative stress and damage to the already struggling mitochondria. We needed to find the root cause of his problem. That is what Functional Medicine is all about. Solving problems. Getting to the source.

We did some serious detoxing, built up the mitochondria and antioxidant reserves and now he is back on track (even better than before). I suggested a continuous glucose monitor that helped him realize that sometimes it's not what you eat, but when and how you eat it. We made some tweaks that really helped.

I share this to give hope. Of course, we know that eating too much sugar and not exercising are two great ways to end up with Diabetes, but sometimes people are doing the right things and missing something that is causing the problem. I see this in my practice, which is why I love to run labs that look at the whole body (not just the thing people tell me when they come in). In this case, if we had just looked at blood sugar markers, we would have missed the toxicity and low antioxidant levels.

If you have a health problem that you like a new set of eyes on and a different, root-caused approach, please feel free to reach out and schedule some time to talk. I will give you call, listen to what you have to say and see if can help!

To your health,

Dr. Jeni

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